About Najah

Najah Roberts is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of the only African American owned brick and mortar cryptocurrency education center in the country, Crypto Blockchain Plug located in Inglewood, CA. She has devoted many years counseling thousands of inner-city youth, business professionals, athletes, and families in the cryptocurrency and financial education space.

While striving to live a life of relevancy and purpose through service to others, Najah quickly became a revered figure in online communities like Clubhouse, hosting the popular room Crypto Virgin Hour. Included in her rapid educational expansion is also the non-profit organization Crypto Kids Camp, and more recently The Bitcoin Banq.

The Digital Financial Revolution Tour, a boots on the ground initiative, has allowed her to travel from city to city bringing Crypto education to underserved communities across the country. A highly gifted motivational speaker, educator, philanthropist, and leader in her community, Najah has made it her personal goal through her social influence to change narratives, raise bars, and set standards. She continues to remain fearlessly devoted to making a difference in communities across the nation through education and advocacy of generational wealth.


About Black Regal

Black Regal is the founder of the Regal Liberation, a community and movement of thought centered around developing people in the realm of self sovereignty & elevated thinking.

After discovering Bitcoin in 2017 he invested time into educating himself, and over the years he developed a desire to educate others on how to become beneficiaries of this ascending asset class. Regal believes that the power of Bitcoin to be self sovereign money is the most impactful when placed into the hands of self sovereign people.


About CJ

Charles J. Kelly, CPA also known as CJ The Smart Guy is a Certified Public Accountant who focuses on cryptocurrency taxes, bookkeeping, and consulting while holding degrees in finance and accounting.

He is the owner of an accounting firm, clothing line, podcast, and consulting company. CJ is bringing his expertise and knowledge about Crypto and taxes on tour to ensure our communities are prepared and have the best information possible. You can find CJ on all major social media platforms @CJtheSmartGuy.